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Did you know, many treatment options for kidney disease patients haven't change in 40 years? Your support keeps us fighting for more substantial investments in clinical trials and other research to quickly accelerate innovations in care and increase understanding of this terrible disease.
No one should wait longer to receive a lifesaving kidney transplant because of their income, where they live, or their ancestry. With your support, we are committed to fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare for every single patient we serve.
It means saving more lives: your generosity each month helps others learn about their risk and diagnosed sooner. Fuel our fight to give all patients access to the care, treatment and guidance they need to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis.
Each month you’ll help empower more kidney patients to become confident advocates for better treatment, while advancing policy priorities that improve quality of life. For example, helping more patients make use of home dialysis will result in fewer hospitalizations, allow patients to better maintain employment and reduce risk of exposure to contagious diseases like COVID-19.

"I give to the National Kidney Foundation because I have kidney disease in my family and the mission is very important to me. I have also worked in the non-profit community my entire adult life and I find that this organization is one of the most well-managed I've ever known. Corporate culture starts at the top and I find that leadership of NKF truly cares about their employees AND constituents served by NKF. My donation is indeed money well spent!"


Peg Collins | Supporting since 2020 | New York

"The NKF is a public health foundation leading the legislative and patient education areas in kidney health. There is much to be done and my hope is that a monthly contribution will eventually lead to equitable care for all individuals with kidney disease"


Sylvia E. Rosas, MD, MSCE | Member since 1995 | Massachusetts

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